Welcome to The Cosmic Atheist!

To introduce myself: my name is Matthew Cerami — a 22-year-old student from Long Island, New York; a film/music/literature enthusiast and a life-long lover of the arts. I enjoy expressing myself through a variety of colorful mediums — as a heavy metal musician, a fiction writer, and a music journalist; a graphic designer, a score composer, and occasionally as a poet (when the mood is right). I’ve recently graduated from Stony Brook University with a dual B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy, and am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Religious Studies at the University of Missouri.

My goal here is a simple one: to take a more contemplative, critical, and open-ended approach to anti-theism, humanism, and skepticism — one that will hopefully foster a community of ideas, discussion, and education. This is a page for those of you who recognize the issues that stem from religious and superstitious harm, who value logic and reason and knowledge as things for their own sake, who want to vent but have nowhere else, who are looking for an alternative to religion or dying for an escape; a page for those of you who dream about space, science, and the future of humanity; who cherish secular values and turn cosmic insignificance into a virtue.

But I won’t take anything off the table. The Cosmic Atheist will also be a bit of a renaissance page — vitriolic anti-theism will be cut with discussions about art, culture, and politics; about film, literature, music and anything else that inspires you, drives you, or challenges you. That being said:

Embrace the stars, expand your mind, and enjoy the page!